human mind

The Human Mind as a product of a superstructure built from many interconnected neural networks. These networks, although functionally distinct, are intricately intertwined. We intend to utilize their interconnectedness to delve into, and potentially alleviate the debilitating abnormalities occasionally found in human minds, such as autism.

Our methodology involves blending various fundamental stimuli readily available to practitioners for two-way interaction with their patients. The stimuli we use include speech, psychotropic music, color lights, olfactory sense, and gross & fine motor movement regimes, some of which are commonly employed for therapeutic interaction with autistic patients. We have selected IsoTone, a device designed for fitness and muscle toning, as an instrument for the “motor” gate to the autistic mind using a specially developed physical movement program.



Covering the musical element of our method, we use the psychotropic music composed by Boris Mourashkin, a renowned pioneer in this field. In a demonstration that follows, we showcase the integration of his original psychotropic music with a set of typical IsoTone exercises. The music can be custom-composed for each session, with variations adjusted for each case to suit the specific needs of an individual patient, as determined through a sensitivity response testing.

blending isotone with music

For illustration of IsoTone movements, we present two two identical movement sequences blended with two different Mourashkin compositions from his album, HEALING MUSIC PROJECT 3. 

Vata Creative

Harmonic Resonance

This set of IsoTone exercises is performed by using three famous pieces by Frederic Chopin: Waltz in B minor, Waltz in C sharp minor, and Waltz in D flat major. It lasts 10 minutes, but the time flies when you listen to Chopin.


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