why isotone

Traditional exercise machines are generally not efficient as they are mostly “anisotropic”. In other words, these machines only create resistance when the user moves in one direction and engages one set of muscles. However, when the user moves in the opposite direction, the machine doesn’t create any resistance.

Our resistive exercise technology, on the other hand, is approaching “isotropic”, which means it will provide resistance throughout the entire exercise cycle, engaging different muscle groups within one cycle. This results in more muscles being engaged during each exercise cycle, leading to a one hundred percent efficiency.

IsoTones are lightweight, portable and efficient – with just under 7 ounces our portable device delivers 25 pounds of muscle-toning exercise resistance!

  • Children: Play, compete and have fun!

  • Adults: Exercise at home, office or gym!

  • Everyone: Stay in top shape at any age!


Don’t let bulky exercise equipment hold you back from feeling fit, strong, and full of energy. Energize your every day with IsoTone – a few exercises sprinkled throughout a day is all it takes. 

We loaded 25 pounds of exercise tension into a tiny 7 ounces easily portable device.

Keep IsoTone on your table, on your desk, and on your nightstand.

And pack one when on the road! 


Nothing comes close to an IsoTone experience high in the sky on a transatlantic or coast-to-coast flight!

IsoTone is so light and portable, that it will easily fit your backpack or an over-the-shoulder bag. 



During a long ride on a train, get everyone in your company off their screens. Why not run a fun IsoTone competition?  



Relax and get engaged in slow and graceful IsoTone exercises while waiting for your doctor.


Regardless of your age, if you don’t exercise regularly and experience muscle loss, it can weaken your shoulders and back, leading to poor posture and limited physical abilities.

However, by regularly using IsoTone, you can effectively strengthen the muscle groups responsible for maintaining a youthful, upright posture.

The great thing about IsoTone is its portability, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go and easily incorporate quick workout sessions into your daily routine. Say farewell to slouching and embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle!

A few exercises performed regularly will do a world of difference!


We also prioritize aesthetics, as each IsoTone is painted using a completely unique random combination of colors. These “color-coded IDs” ensure that you will not mistake your IsoTone with someone else’s, even in a busy gym or shared training space.

Exclusively made from metal and hardwood, our product is designed and manufactured in the United States using no plastic components.

As we hand-paint our IsoTones, we skip painting some parts of wood to leave its beautiful pattern open for you to see and enjoy!  


A blend of slow-contraction and high-resistivity is one of the unique features of IsoTone. The purpose is to engage groups of muscles in a prolonged high-load resistance activity while eliminating the often annoying feeling associated with static exercises, which can be a psychological negative.

The Isopro model is designed to be contracted slowly, and yet distinctly, in response to any force applied by the user, with the speed of contraction increasing as more force is applied. Note that the contraction is intentionally slow, almost graceful: the 7-oz IsoPro provides a 25-pound resistive force!

The slow contraction prolongs the engagement of the muscles, leading to an elevated blood flow to the muscles. This, in turn, speeds up muscle strengthening, the primary objective of any exercise.


Each IsoTone model has a unique design that ensures effective toning results. To see how it works, consider the use of IsoBasic model in a set of two exercises, Horizontal Press and Shoulder Cross as an example:

Step 1. Hold the expanded IsoBasic in front of your chest.

Step 2. Collapse IsoBasic against its resistance as quickly as you can performing the Horizontal Press.

Step 3.  Rapidly expand and flip IsoBasic by crossing your arms to switch the position of your right and left hands.

Step 4. Collapse IsoBasic as quickly as possible completing the Shoulder Cross.

Steps 2 and 4 will engage and tone the muscles in two different areas of your arms, chest and shoulders.

ISOTROPY OF RESISTANCE. Notice that collapsing IsoPro model is harder than expanding it; its opposite with the IsoBasic model. In its next version, we intend to make this experience symmetric – our ultimate goal. In the meantime, we suggest to expand IsoPro in an “explosive” manner and to collapse IsoBasic in the same rapid manner to achieve symmetric resistance in both.  

What do you think?

This evening I ran with it. It is a neat object to engage upper body while running because it allows natural swinging arm motions while also tensing core and arms.

Isotone allows you to move arms in natural jogging positions but simultaneously allows pectoral squeezes… 


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