Most exercise tools cause your muscles to work in one direction – pushing or pulling.

The IsoTone? It does both.

Traditional exercise machines are generally not efficient as they are mostly “anisotropic” or unidirectional. In other words, these machines only create resistance when the user moves in one direction and engages one set of muscles. However, when the user moves in the opposite direction, the machine doesn’t create any resistance.  Our resistive exercise technology, on the other hand, is approaching “isotropic” or omnidirectional, which means it will provide resistance throughout the entire exercise cycle, engaging complementary sets of muscles within a single cycle. Result? More muscles engaged during the exercise, leading to a one hundred percent workout efficiency.


Adapts to your level

With IsoTone, the more force you put into pushing and pulling, the more resistance you’ll experience. This makes IsoTone compatible for all ages and fitness levels.

By design, a little child or strong athlete expanding the same IsoTone device in 1 second, each making their best effort while spending very different amounts of energy and applying very different forces, will derive the maximum benefit from the exercise. Amazingly, no device adjustment is needed!

Workouts with IsoTone can be as vigorous as one may want, from light and slow movements to aerobic exercises with a high physical load. It’s important for users to understand their limitations and not push themselves beyond what’s appropriate for their fitness level.

Follow our recommendations about IsoTone’s safe and effective use. It will help you to safely achieve your goals – enhance general fitness, strengthen their upper body muscles and core, or perform physical therapy under professional guidance and supervision. READ HERE!

light and portable

Take it anywhere: home, office, gym – or on the road.


Break up the monotony and energize your work day with IsoTone.


Don’t let bulky exercise equipment hold you back from feeling fit, strong, and full of energy. Energize your day with your 7-ounce IsoTone – a few exercises sprinkled throughout is all it takes. Incidentally, sitting for hours in the same position behind the desk may have similar health-related consequences as taking a long flight.


IsoTone is so light and portable that it will easily fit in your backpack or carry-on. 




Nothing comes close to an IsoTone experience high in the sky on a long flight! Learn about direct, possibly life-saving health benefits here.


on a ride

In a train, car, bus… or a space ship.  



During a long ride, get everyone in your group or team off their screens. Why not run a fun IsoTone competition, and get fit and stronger on the way?  



Relax in the waiting room with slow and graceful IsoTone exercises.





Enjoy your favorite show while staying active.

Helps you sleep

Waking up in the middle of the night can be stressful. IsoTone exercises can help gently ease tension and anxiety in the mind and body.


Engaging in light exercise before going to bed can potentially help you fall asleep faster provided you finish your exercise at least one hour before your intended bedtime to allow your body to wind down.

If you wake up during the night and have trouble falling back asleep, gentle exercises with IsoTone may help you fall back asleep.

Slow movements and deep breathing will relax your body and calm your mind, aiding in returning to sleep.


Helps you FOCUS

Sometimes your nervous system craves a certain kind of stimulus or movement. That need can impair your focus. 

The IsoTone can be used as a “stim toy” for pushing and pulling – and it works your muscles too.



With enough exercise, the bar of the IsoTone heats up. Roll it on your neck muscles for a comfy massage.

choose your colors

Select your colors for a custom-made blend.

We also prioritize aesthetics offering, as an option, a color version of IsoTone each expressed in a random combination of colors. These “color-code IDs” will also ensure that you will not mistake your IsoTone with someone else’s in a busy gym, office or shared training space.

We hand-paint our IsoTone devices lightly, leaving the wood’s natural grain visible to enjoy. 

Exclusively made from metal and hardwood, our environment-friendly product is manufactured in the United States using no plastic components.

daily routine

A few exercises performed regularly will do a world of difference!

*NOTE: you may experience some wobbling when working at the edge of your strength. This is normal and will improve with time as your strength increases.

physical therapy

Physiotherapy utilizes various physical methods to promote, maintain, and restore physical and functional abilities.

Physical therapy employs medical science and evidence-based techniques, including exercises, manual therapy, education, and advice, to help individuals affected by injury, illness, or disability.

Physical therapy plays a pivotal role in pain management, preventing disability, and improving physical performance, which in turn enhances quality of life. It’s useful across various conditions such as musculoskeletal issues, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory conditions, neurological disorders, and even in the promotion of overall health and wellbeing.


specialized healthcare

IsoTone-based physical therapy can be effectively used in short and long-term healthcare, nursery, and hospital environments in various ways.



In short-term healthcare, custom made PT programs using IsoTone can be used for acute injury or surgery recovery. It will help patients regain strength, mobility, and functionality in the short term. The short-term therapy is typically more intense, with frequent sessions to ensure the best possible recovery. Special programs can be designed for the patients recovering from an operation, injury, or acute illness.



In assisted living settings including skilled nursing facilities, IsoTone offers various sets of exercises designed to help maintain mobility and physical function for as long as possible. IsoTone devices are light and mobile, and can be easily used by the patients both in bed or out-of-bed performing regular exercises to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and increase flexibility.



In the hospital environment, physical therapy of appropriate intensity can help patients recover from a range of conditions, from stroke to trauma. Physical therapists working as part of multidisciplinary teams helping patients recover and rehabilitate can develop custom made IsoTone exercise programs to perform in the hospitals and at home after discharge.


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