building blocks

Use exercises discussed on the EXERCISES page as building blocks when designing your workout programs.

Daily programs can include just a few exercises each, spread over the day. Or you can simply perform one or two exercises 30-40 times, back-to-back, just to throw in some physical action into your day routine.

You will be surprised how aerobic this exercise can become after doing several exercises with no break – you will be in the IsoTone power territory! 

Before starting your workouts, it’s important to warm up your muscles. You can do this by performing the exercises at a lower speed. Follow our recommendations on safe use of IsoTone in your workouts. READ HERE!


Ten minutes of simple IsoTone exercises before you get out of bed will give you a powerful energy boost. Your body’s memory will carry that boost through the entire day.

Choose from the exercises provided on our EXERCISES page. Experiment and design exercises of your own. Or ask your trainer or PT specialist.

Winning Strategy: Having your IsoTone within the reach anywhere and at any time: in your office, home, or on the road, day or night! 


4-minute health burst

Several 4-minute high-intensity movement exercises using IsoTone spread over your day will go a long way in keeping you in top shape.

Perform each of these IsoTone exercises 10 to 20 times, back-to-back, making your best effort. Your fitness will shine!

tone of the day

If you are unable to perform the recommended number of full IsoTone collapses, don’t worry and don’t give up – just proceed with incomplete collapses to finish the set. This will help you feel a sense of achievement and ensure progress towards perfecting the exercise in the future. Building endurance is vital!


Elbow SqueezeLying30
Low Front PressLying40Extend your arms down as low as possible
BreakLying10 secondsLay flat. Relax. Breath deeply.
Horizontal PressLying or Standing50
Overhead PressStanding30
Jumping JacksStanding50Breath out energetically as you jump
IsoCrunch Air1Lying20Lay flat. Relax. Breath deeply.
RelaxLying30 secondsLay flat. Relax. Breath deeply.

custom programs

Adding IsoTone to a traditional plank will advance this exercise into the intense Interval Training power category!

To fully utilize IsoTone, a powerful and versatile device designed to tone muscles and preserve joints, we highly recommend to consult your physical fitness trainer, PT specialist or physician to design a set of exercises that will benefit you the most.

Discussing with your trainer or PT specialist a custom-made IsoTone training program is especially important if you have any underlying health conditions or fitness level concerns.

To fully enjoy Isotone’s benefits, it is important to carefully read its description and watch the GIFs demonstrating its safe use. Avoid injury by warming up slowly and increasing intensity of your exercise gradually.


Combining IsoTone with work on the computer requires some creativity since both hands are engaged for operating IsoTone and keyboard.

To address this issue, consider adopting a writing process similar to the pre-computer era, which involves careful idea formulation before starting to write.

This way, you can use your freed hands intermittently exercising with IsoTone while working. This approach will enhance your focus on the subject helping to avoid unnecessary revisions.


IsoTone exercises inserted in office work flow will increase productivity and improve your physical health. 

My Day with IsoTone

IsoTone Morning Tune-Up 

My rule: I keep my IsoTone near my bed. So, the first thing after opening my eyes, I grab it and do my first 100-150 quick presses of the day, still lying in bed. Here is my typical set. I feel fully awake now, alert, eyes open and clear, and my breathing is deep and full.  A little massage to the arms, neck and back using my IsoTone adds the finishing touch to my morning tune-up. 

IsoTone Power-Up 

I spread several 5-mimute charging sessions throughout the day, whenever there is a break in my activities, or a switch from one to another. I vary the combination of exercises using links as a guide or improvising.

IsoTone Wind-Down

Just before bed, I do some light exercises. This helps drain some energy and ease me into letting go of my day and settling into a slower mode.  I keep IsoTone close to my bed, ready for the morning wake up, or occasional mid-night wake ups.

IsoNight Sleeping-IsoPills

Occasionally, I experience nighttime wakefulness. What works to help me get back to sleep, is a few gentle IsoTone pumps, normally with my arms only, and then consciously relaxing my entire body, as the blood is diverted from my head and body to my arms, and my blood pressure drops. I practiced this small ritual as needed for some time, until it became a routine, and began to really work.


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