The IsoTone is the basic model suitable for all exercises recommended on our website. While maintaining constant resistance, IsoTone’s response is proportional to the force applied to it, so that it can be used across all ages and levels of physical fitness.

IsoTone design is modular, so it can be set up in an extended setting as in Isotone+ model using our a two-way connection piece. This will allow to increase the range of motion accommodating workout specifics and PT preferences.


IsoTone Lite model is designed for an easier workout experience, by requiring less force to collapse and expand it.

This model also can be used for certain types of physical therapy requiring less force, as suggested by our PT consultants and collaborators. 


IsoTone design incorporates the option to replace the standard handles with custom made screw-on handles. This will allow fusers and physical therapists to design exercises requiring special gripping arrangements. 

Due to this screw-on technology, the handles of your IsoTone may become loose after intense exercises. Therefore, we recommend to check and tighten the handles regularly to ensure that they remain secure.  

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